1. Who May Purchase a Birth Certificate?
    • The individual named on the birth certificate, if the person is 18 years of age or older
    • The mother/parent listed on the birth record
    • The father/parent listed on the birth record
  2. Must Present Valid Photo Identification
    • State-issued driver license or identification card
    • Concealed weapons license
    • Military ID Form DD2 active, retired or common access
    • Military dependent ID, active or retired, DD 1173
    • Resident Alien Card I-551
    • Certificate of Naturalization
  3. Complete Application for Florida Birth Record
    • Must be completed by the applicant
      • Online application – click here
      • Paper application must be completed prior to being served at the counter
    • Tax Collector staff unable to assist with completing the application
  4. Fees
    • Original record – $17.25 – $11 for certificate plus a $6.25 service fee for each unique record
    • Additional copies of the same record – $10 each

Tax collector staff can only issue to the parties listed above with proper identification. All other transactions must be processed at the Escambia County Health Department. 850-595-6500, Option 3.

Corrections to records will require additional documentation. Learn more at https://www.floridahealth.gov/certificates/certificates/birth/index.html