Quarterly Installment Plan

Taxpayers may choose to pay next year’s tangible or real property taxes quarterly by participating in the installment payment plan. To be eligible for the plan, the taxpayer’s’ prior year taxes must exceed $100 and not have an escrow account. Those who qualify may apply online by accessing their account on BillExpress or fill out and by applying here no later than April 30 in the year which you wish to participate. From January 1 to April 30, you may apply for installments online by searching the tax roll here, with your account number, name or physical address.

The plan requires that the first installment be made no later than June 30. Failure to make the first payment will automatically terminate the participant’s eligibility for the remainder of the year. The taxpayer will then be sent a regular tax bill in November.

The first and second installments are based on ¼ of the previous year’s taxes. The third and fourth installments are ½ of the remaining actual tax liability for the current year.

  • The 1st installment is due by June 30th and is discounted 6%
  • The 2nd installment is due by September 30th and is discounted 4.5%
  • The 3rd installment is due by December 31st and is discounted 3%
  • The 4th installment is due by March 31st and is not discounted

Partial Payments

Florida Statutes now, at the discretion of the tax collector, allow for partial payments to be made toward current taxes. If a property owner decides to make a partial payment, the following apply:

  • application must be submitted with the payment;
  • no discount applies;
  • cannot be made after March 31; AND
  • $10 processing fee deducted from each partial payment received


Do you need assistance with remembering to pay your real estate tax bill? You may designate a family member or friend to receive a copy of the tax bill so they can remind the homeowner to pay on time.

Created to address a growing need, the program provides respectful assistance to homeowners who need an outside reminder to pay their tax bill. To enroll in the Duplicate Tax Notice Request Program, click here, complete and print application, and mail the signed original to:

Escambia County Tax Collector
Attention: Collections Department
Post Office Box 1312
Pensacola, FL 32591-1312