All immigrants must present proof of lawful presence by presenting one of the following original United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents.

  • I551/I151 Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)
  • I551 stamp in valid passport or on I-94

Immigrant Name Change

Once the name has been legally changed by marriage or court order, the name must be changed on your USCIS documents and Social Security card before applying for a name change on your drivers license or identification card.

When applying for the name change on your Florida drivers license or identification card, you must present an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate or court order along with the immigration document and/or passport in the married name.


All non-immigrants must present proof of lawful presence by presenting one of the following original USCIS documents and have at least 31 days remaining on the documents’ issuance period to be issued a drive’s license or identification card. This documentation is required during each visit for drivers license or identification card services, including address changes. Non-immigrants are seen by appointment only at the Warrington office.

  • Employment Authorization Card (requires proof of Social Security)
  • I-94 with valid foreign passport
  • I-797 (torch letter)
  • I-512 parole letter
  • Proof of temporary protected status
  • NATO Invitational Travel Order for military student
  • Re-Entry endorsement in valid passport

The drivers license or identification card will be issued using the name listed on the USCIS documents. Be prepared to have your photo taken and your vision checked. If corrected lenses are required, please have them with you.