Appointments for mandatory 3N3 or medical re-exams must be requested via email to

Driving tests are offered on a walk-in basis only at the Marcus Pointe location. Please click here for more information or to Join the Line. Priority is given to Escambia County residents.

Vehicle Requirements for Driving Skills Test

  1. Valid registration
  2. Proof of insurance. Florida registered vehicles must present Florida insurance.
  3. Must pass a basic vehicle inspection at our office. See page 89 Florida Driver Handbook.

Learner Permit Holders

  1. Must have held a learner permit at least 12 months or until 18th birthday, whichever comes first, with no moving traffic convictions
  2. Minors must be accompanied by a parent (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  3. 18 or older must be accompanied by a licensed driver age 21 or older
  4. Payment of $6.25 non-refundable service fee
  5. Payment of any required re-exam fees
  6. Eyeglasses/contact lenses if required for driving
  7. See all testing requirements in section 12 of the Florida Driver Handbook

Applicants applying for their first Florida driver license will be required to:

  • Complete a four-hour drug and alcohol course (unless presenting a driver license or learner permit)
  • Successfully complete the written exam (unless presenting a driver license or learner permit)
  • Submit all Real ID documents at an office to create a DHSMV record prior to scheduling a driving exam

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, the queue will be closed and reopened as soon as the weather clears.

Photography or videography

  • Photography or videography is not permitted during driving exams
  • Dash cameras must be turned off or removed during the driving exams