Thank you for your service!

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve you. We understand that as a member of the United States Armed Forces your duties may present some challenges to doing business with us. We hope this resource page provides you with the necessary information to allow us to serve you and your family to the best of our ability.

Remember when you do business with our office to bring or send the following documentation:

  • Current Orders
  • DD214 showing honorable discharge
  • Veterans Administration benefit summary letter
  • LES (only needed to prove home of record)

Florida resident active-duty military and veterans

  1. Registration Renewal
  2. Motor Vehicle Information
  3. Florida Driver License or Identification Card
  4. Military Extension Cards – Class E Florida Drivers (CDL not eligible)
  5. Hunting and Fishing
  6. Property Tax
  7. Concealed Weapon Licenses for Military Members and Veterans
  8. Business Tax Receipt
  9. Florida Title Transfer
  10. 2021 Florida Military-Friendly Guide
  11. Florida Veterans’ Benefits Guide 
  12. VA Welcome Kit

Non-resident active-duty military

  1. Registration Renewal
  2. Motor Vehicle Information
  3. Out-of-State Driver License Retention Information
  4. Hunting and Fishing

Motor Vehicle Information

Florida resident active duty military may be entitled to certain exemptions as explained below:

Sales tax exemption when titling and registering vehicles purchased out of state and the vehicle will not be brought into Florida for at least 6 months, you may be exempt from Florida sales tax. You must print and complete “Sales Tax Exemption” on the Military Affidavit, comply with the requirements listed, and submit with your title application.

Initial registration fee ($225) exemption for original license plates. You must select the “U.S. Armed Forces” exemption on the Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit, comply with the requirements listed, and submit the completed form with your title application.

Insurance exemption allows a military member stationed in another state to submit out-of-state insurance when registering motor vehicles. You must select the “Florida Insurance Exemption” option on the Military Insurance Affidavit, comply with the requirements listed, and sign/print the document to submit with your application.

Military special license plates are available if you qualify. Click here for a list of plates.

Non-resident military stationed in Florida have the option to title and register your vehicle here, but you may display a current license plate from your home state.

Driver License

Renewal: You can renew online if a Gold Star appears in the upper right-hand corner of the driver’s license. The Gold Star indicates that license holder has met the document requirements of the Real ID law. If you don’t have the gold star, a license extension can be requested.

Extension: You can receive an extension card that will keep your driver’s license valid until 90 days after your discharge from military service. Please keep the card with your license and present it with your military ID. The card is free of charge and available to all active duty members of the armed forces and their dependents (spouses, children, and step-children under 21 living in the same household).

The military extension card extends your driving privilege continuously each year until:

  • 90 days after you are discharged from military service
  • you return to Florida to reside
  • or you obtain a Florida driver license or ID card.

To receive the military extension, you must complete the military affidavit/application, certifying active duty status in the U.S. Armed Forces while stationed outside of Florida and provide a copy of the member’s current military orders.

Military extension cards may not be accepted in some countries when serving overseas.

Veterans may request a “Veteran” designation be added to the front of their driver’s license or ID card, provided they have proof of their honorable discharge (i.e. DD-214). The fee to add “Veteran” ranges from $1.00 to $3.00 depending on the type of transaction being processed.

Disability discounts are available if you have a service-connected, 100% disability. To be considered a 100% disabled veteran, you must have been honorably discharged from the armed forces and have a 100% total and permanent service-connected disability rating for compensation or a service-connected total and permanent disability rating of 100%. With proof of a letter or card from the Veteran’s Administration, most driver’s license fees are waived.

Non-resident military stationed in Florida, and their dependents, are permitted to retain their out of state driver’s license unless:

  • Service member or spouse claims homestead exemption – all drivers in the family must obtain a Florida driver’s license
  • Service member becomes employed – all drivers in the family must obtain a Florida driver’s license
  • Spouse becomes employed – spouse and children who drive must obtain a Florida driver’s license
  • Child becomes employed – child who drives must obtain a Florida driver’s license


Any Florida resident who is an active or retired member of the United States Armed Forces, the United States Armed Forces Reserve, the Florida National Guard, the United States Coast Guard or the United States Coast Guard Reserve is eligible to purchase the Military Gold Sportsman’s License upon submission of a current military identification card and military orders showing you are stationed in Florida (active members) or a Florida driver’s license.

Property Tax

If you own property, you may wish to check your eligibility for a property tax exemption with the Property Appraiser.

Business Tax Receipts

If you or your spouse own a business,  check your eligibility for a business tax exemption here.