Any person doing business in Escambia County, even a one-person company or home-based business owner, needs an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt unless the person qualifies for an exemption (see exemptions below). A Business Tax Receipt is needed for each location from which the business is operating and one for each category of business being conducted.

We have made purchasing, renewing, replacing, and editing a Business Tax Receipt fast and easy.

BTExpress allows a person to apply for a new Business Tax Receipt, print an original receipt, or edit an existing receipt.

  • Complete online application
  • Receive and confirm authentication email
  • Receive approval email, pay, and print Business Tax Receipt
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Business Tax Receipts allow a person to renew, print receipts, or perform a search.

  • Search for your account
  • Select transaction
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Consumers can also use Business Tax Receipts to:

  • Verify valid Business Tax Receipt
  • Search local businesses

Business Tax Receipt Exemptions

A person may be eligible for an exempt business tax receipt if the person is the sole owner who is:

  • disabled
  • 65 years or older
  • a widow with minor dependent children

To qualify for one of the three exemptions listed above, the business owner must be a permanent resident of Escambia County, have no more than one employee, and have no more than $1,000.00 invested in the business.

A person also may be eligible for an exempt business tax receipt if the person is the majority owner who is:

  • an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces
  • the spouse of an active duty military service member
  • receiving public assistance as defined in Florida Statute 409.2554
  • a person whose household income is below 130 percent of the federal poverty level based on the current year’s federal poverty guidelines

To qualify for the above exemptions, the business owner must own a majority of the business and have fewer than 100 employees.

Proof of income, receipt of public assistance benefits, age, disability, and/or military service may be required.