All motorized vessels, commercial or private, must be titled or documented and registered before they can be used in Florida waters. The decal must be affixed to the port side of the vessel.

Vessel Registrations

Vessel registrations expire at midnight of the owner’s birthday. Registrations for vessels titled in a business name expire June 30. Vessel registration fees are based on the length of the boat.

Vessel registrations may be renewed in person at any tax collector’s office, online, by mail, or by telephone.

When using online or telephone renewals, you must have your PIN number (located on your renewal card above the amount due), then call 1-866-467-3639 or renew online. Internet and telephone renewals may be processed using a debit/credit card or eCheck. An additional convenience fee will be charged for debit/credit transactions.

Obtaining a Florida Vessel Title

The selling dealer for all new boats must complete the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO), when applicable. Proof of sales tax paid or proof of exemption must be provided, or sales tax must be collected.

To transfer a Florida title of a used vessel to a new owner, the Transfer of Title by Seller section must be completed. If the vessel is purchased through a dealer, the dealer reassignment also must be completed. Sales tax will be collected, if applicable. In the event the title is lost, a duplicate title may be applied for using Form HSMV 82101. When the vessel owner is not present, the owner can sign a Power of Attorney, Form HSMV 82053, to allow the purchaser or agent to act on his behalf.