Millage Rate Detail

2017 Escambia County Millage Rates

Separate Millages
CO Escambia County6.6165
SC School Board6.6310
—By Local Board2.2480
—By State Law4.3830
CT City of Pensacola4.2895
CE Town of Century0.9204
WT NW FL Water Mgmt0.0353
DT Downtown Improvement2.0000
SHER MSTU Sheriff0.6850

Millage rates applicable to area of county in which you reside

City of Pensacola Town of CenturyDowntown ImprovementUnincorporated County
CO 6.6165CO 6.6165 CO 6.6165 CO 6.6165
SC 6.6310SC 6.6310SC 6.6310SC 6.6310
CT 4.2895WT 0.0353CT 4.2895WT 0.0353
WT 0.0353CE 0.9204WT 0.0353SHER 0.6850
LIB 0.3590LIB 0.3590DT 2.0000LIB 0.3590
TOTAL 17.9313TOTAL 14.5622LIB 0.3590TOTAL 14.3268
TOTAL 19.9313

Pensacola Beach
(CO) 6.6165 = County portion of Beach taxes
(SC) 6.6310 = School Board portion of Beach taxes
(WT) 0.0353 = Water Mgmt. portion of Beach taxes
(LIB) 0.3590 = Library portion of Beach taxes
TOTAL 13.6418