How do I obtain a Sales Tax Number for my business?

Sales Tax is handled by the Florida Department of Revenue. Visit the Florida Department of Revenue website or call (850) 471-6970. The Florida Department of Revenue also has an office location in Escambia County:

Florida Department of Revenue
3670 North L St #C
Pensacola, FL 32505
Phone: (850) 471-6970

I am over 65 years of age, applied for and was granted the over-age exemption from the Business Tax Receipt but received a renewal notice. What should I do?

You are exempt from paying the Business Tax, but still require a Business Tax Receipt to operate your business. To validate the renewal at no fee, mail the notice back to the Escambia County Tax Collector with a copy of your driver license or identification card. An exempt receipt will be sent back to you in the mail.

Who qualifies for an exempt (no fee) Business Tax Receipt?

Escambia County residents who are age 65 or older or have a disability rating of 10% or higher. Please see additional qualifiers below.

To qualify for the over 65 exemption for Business Tax Receipt, you must:

  • be a resident of Escambia County,
  • show proof of age,
  • use your own capital, with no more than $1,000 invested in starting the business (affidavit required),
  • have no more than one employee or helper,
  • complete the Business Tax Receipt Application Form (PDF).

To qualify for an exemption based on disability, please bring proof of a disability rating of 10% or higher.

My business is a not-for-profit. Do I need a Business Tax Receipt?

Not-for-profit corporations are exempt from Escambia Business Tax Receipt requirements. Check your municipality regarding additional requirements.

What should I do if I go out of business, or close a business location?

Send notification of the closure of your business or business location, along with a copy of the business tax receipt to be inactivated, to:

Or by mail to:

Escambia County Tax Collector
PO Box 1312
Pensacola, FL 32502-1312

If you advertise or conduct a “Going Out of Business/Fire Sale,” such that would reasonably cause the public to believe that upon disposal of the stock of goods, your business will cease operations, you must obtain a Going Out of Business/Fire Sale permit. Permits must be obtained for each location in which a sale will be held.

If I have a Business Tax Receipt from another county, can I perform work in Escambia County?

You must obtain an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt in order to do business in Escambia County, UNLESS the business falls under the Contractors category, is State-certified and has a Business Tax Receipt from your home county in Florida.

In these cases, you may do business across the State of Florida without obtaining the Business Tax Receipt. However, the City of Pensacola may require you to obtain the Business Tax Receipt to obtain permits.

If I have a Business Tax Receipt and move to a new location, change the business name or ownership, do I need a new Business Tax Receipt?

You must transfer your old Business Tax Receipt anytime you move to a new location, change your business name or change business ownership. The transfer fee is $3.00. There is no fee for a change in mailing address if a new business tax receipt is not requested.

A Business Tax Receipt may NOT be transferred to a new owner if the new owner is an individual professional. Any business wishing to transfer a Business Tax Receipt must complete a transfer affidavit, obtain all regulatory or required documents, and pay the transfer fee.

Can I renew my Business Tax Receipt online?

Most businesses can renew a Business Tax Receipt online. Online renewals are not available to businesses that are required to submit annual proof of eligibility. These payments must be submitted by mail or in person with a copy of the current certification.

Which one do I get first – the city license or the Escambia County Business Tax Receipt?

We recommend that you check with the City of Pensacola before attempting to obtain an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt, especially if the business is home-based. In the event your city denies your application due to zoning or inspection requirements, your Business Tax Receipt is non-refundable.

Why do I need both a city and county license?

The County Tax Receipt is required to do business in Escambia County. Because the business is under the city’s jurisdiction, it is also subject to the city’s ordinances and zoning requirements.

Is the County Business Tax Receipt all that I need to open a business?

Depending on the type of business or profession and the location of your business, you may need State, Professional and City Licenses. All businesses should check with their municipality before applying for an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt.

How much does a Business Tax Receipt cost?

Each Business Tax Receipt issued by the tax collector is $26.25. Initial applications processed from April 1 to June 30 are $13.13 and are valid until September 30 of that year.

Who needs an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt?

Any person doing business in Escambia County, even a one-person company or home-based business owner, needs an Escambia County Business Tax Receipt, unless you qualify for an exemption. You need one Business Tax Receipt for each location you are operating your business from, and one for each category of business you are conducting.