Florida resident active duty military may be entitled to certain exemptions as explained below:

Sales tax exemption –  You may be exempt from Florida state sales tax when titling and registering vehicles purchased out of state if the vehicle will not be brought into Florida for at least six months. You must print and complete page 14 of the military forms packet, comply with the requirements listed, and submit with your title application.

Initial registration fee ($225) exemption for original license plates – You must select the “U.S. Armed Forces” exemption on the Initial Registration Fee Exemption Affidavit, comply with the requirements listed, and submit the completed form with your title application.

Insurance exemption allows a Florida resident military member stationed in another state to submit out-of-state insurance when registering motor vehicles. You must fill out the Military Insurance Affidavit, comply with the requirements listed, and sign/print the document to submit with your application. Note: A vehicle maintained in Florida must have Florida insurance.

Vehicle identification number (VIN) verification – All used motor vehicles, including trailers with a weight of 2,000 pounds or more, which are not currently titled in Florida, must have a vehicle identification number (VIN) verification when registered and titled in Florida. This process is completed using the Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification (HSMV Form 82042).

Out-of-state military members can use a law enforcement officer from any state or a military law enforcement authority to perform the VIN verification.

Military members residing in Florida may use a Florida tax collector office, Florida law enforcement officer, licensed Florida State motor vehicle dealer, Florida DMV compliance examiner/inspector, Florida notary public, or military law enforcement authority to perform the VIN verification.

For more information on VIN verification, click here.

Military special license plates are available for qualified veterans. Click here for a list of plates.

Non-resident military stationed in Florida have the option to title and register their vehicle in Florida, or they may display a current license plate from their home state. Note: Relocation outside the state of Florida will require the military member to register in their home state or new duty station.

Forms and Information

Here are various forms and additional information you may find helpful.

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