Application for Florida Title

Mainly used for military members

May not be used on vehicles requiring odometer disclosure

Use when the title is lost and a duplicate title is required

Used to verify insurance coverage in place of the insurance policy or card

Use when all assignments have been used and additional assignments are required or when the title is a Florida electronically-held title

Only used by a dealership when the title is lost or held by a lienholder and odometer disclosure is required

Used to set up an escrow account with our office

Used when submitting drop-off transactions to our office

Used to ensure all information is included with transactions

Please allow at least two business days for processing supply requests

The following is not a legal form. Please consult your legal counsel or a representative of the Florida Department of Revenue before using a form like this.

Instructions for Ordering the Blue Angels Dealer Specialty License Plates

Order Form for the Blue Angels Dealer Specialty License Plate