To apply for the installment plan for the 2025 tax year, please complete this application below and click submit.

Taxpayers may choose to pay next year’s tangible or real property taxes quarterly by participating in the installment payment plan. To be eligible for the plan, the taxpayer’s prior year taxes must exceed $100 and not have an escrow account. Applications for the installment plan must be received by April 30 in the year which you wish to participate. The current application is for the 2025 tax year.

If your tax bill was an even $1,000, the amounts on the right would be similar to the quarterly payment amounts due. Adjustments to assessed values or exemptions will impact these amounts. Each quarterly bill will receive a different discount for early payment as prescribed by Florida Statutes. Discounts are reflected in the estimated amounts below. These amounts are for example purposes only. Your actual payment amounts will be shown on your bill.

JuneFirst Quarter$235.00
SeptemberSecond Quarter$238.75
DecemberThird Quarter$242.50
MarchFourth Quarter$250.00

To learn more about the installment plan, click here.