Three Percent Discount Ends December 31

Scott Lunsford, Escambia County Tax Collector, reminds everyone that the three percent discount on payment of real estate and tangible personal property taxes ends Sunday, December 31.

To receive the three percent discount, payments must be:

  • mailed with a December postmark;
  • left by midnight, December 31, in a 24-hour drop box available at all locations; or
  • made online by midnight, CST, December 31, at

To have a receipt dated with a December 2017 date, payments must be received in our office by close of business December 29 or made online by midnight, CST, December 31.

Since all offices are closed December 31 and January 1, customers who make their payment in person at any tax collector office on Tuesday, January 2, will receive the three percent discount, however, their payment will be dated January 2, 2018 not December 31, 2017.

Customers now can get in line online through QLess, a more convenient way to join the line. Once you choose which line to join, you will receive a message with your approximate service time; you then can continue your regular activities until your service time approaches. You will receive status updates, be able to request additional time, if necessary, or cancel your spot if unable to make it. This system eliminates the need for sitting in crowded lobbies for your number to be called.

There are four ways to join the queue:

  • download the QLess app (available on iTunes and Google Play)
  • text an office location to (850) 344-1875
    • ectc downtown
    • ectc marcus pointe
    • ectc molino
    • ectc warrrington
  • online here
  • in person at any of our four convenient tax collector offices

To check the status of your taxes or to pay online, click here. Taxpayers are encouraged to contact the tax collector’s office by phone or email with any questions.