Tax Payment Installment Plan Deadline is April 30

Taxpayers are encouraged to take advantage of the Tax Payment Installment Plan. By utilizing this plan, taxpayers make four quarterly payments instead of one lump sum payment. Each quarterly bill will receive a different discount for early payment as prescribed by Florida Statutes. The quarterly payments are due by the last day of June, September, December and March. The Installment Payment Plan application deadline for 2017 property taxes is April 30, 2017.

Online enrollment is easy. Property owners can access BillExpress, search for their property tax record, hit the “Apply for the 2017 Installment Payment Plan” button, and follow the rest of the application instructions. Property owners also can download a copy here and mail it in or pick up a printed application at any office location.

“The installment program not only helps ease the financial burden on taxpayers by allowing them to spread out the payments, it also provides a discount for making payments on time,” says Scott Lunsford, Escambia County Tax Collector

Find more information on the installment plan here.