Walk-in exams are offered each morning by Joining the Line. The line usually opens at 8:15 depending on customer traffic and weather conditions. Once all available openings have been filled, the line will close for the day. Skills tests are not offered in inclement weather.

Once you successfully “Join the Line” and receive a confirmation by text, wait for your service time to approach and then proceed to our Marcus Pointe office, 6451 North W St, to check in, show insurance and registration, and pay for the exam. Once you have reached fifth place from the front of the line, you should proceed to the office.

A face covering is required for the driving test. Examiners and applicants will be in close proximity inside the applicant’s vehicle. Windows must be in working condition.


  • Must be able to pay required testing fees
    • First exam is $6.25 and subsequent exams are $26.25
  • Must have held a valid learner permit for at least 12 months with no moving violations
  • If under 18, must have driven a minimum of 50 hours during the past 12 months, of which 10 hours of driving were at night (must submit Certification of Driving Experience of a Minor form, available here, prior to taking road skills test)

Vehicle Requirements

  • Must have vehicle with working windows and functional safety equipment
  • Must have and show proof of valid insurance and registration

In the case of inclement weather, driving skills tests will not be available.

No medical exams or extended exams will be offered with this process. Please email ECTC@EscambiaTaxCollector.com for information on medical and extended exams.

For applicants over 18 years old who have never held a learner’s permit, please review testing and Real ID requirements at EscambiaTaxCollector.com.

Choose “Walk-in Road Skills Exam” when joining the line using the button below.

Join the Line