Safe Summer Travel

Traveling throughout Florida can be nearly as fun as getting to your destination. During the holiday and vacation seasons, Florida’s roads can be some of the busiest in the country. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is committed to the safety of all motorists on our roads and educating everyone on safe driving to always Arrive Alive.

Hurricane Season Preparedness and Inclement Weather Driving Safety

Given its location and miles of coastline, Florida has seen more direct hits from hurricanes than any other state in the U.S. As residents move to the state and the population grows, many Floridians may be unprepared for such severe weather.

This year, get prepared early:

  • know your evacuation routes
  • make sure your vehicle is properly maintained
  • register your Emergency Contact Information (ECI)
  • be sure you know where to check for road closures
  • study up on best driving practices in inclement weather in case you have to drive.

For more information on preparing for hurricanes and inclement weather, click here.