National School Bus Safety Week Oct 18-22

Florida joins other states across the country to observe National School Bus Safety Week on Oct. 18-22, 2010. The special week commemorates the safe service that school buses provide to families, as they provide one of the safest modes of transportation for children.

Each year, Florida drivers illegally pass school buses nearly two million times. Each illegal pass-by could result in a tragic injury or fatality of a student. The inconvenience of an extra few seconds spent waiting for a stopped school bus is insignificant compared to the loss of a child’s life, which is why Florida’s Departments of Education, Transportation, and Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles have teamed up to develop the Stop on Red, Kids Ahead campaign to remind drivers of the laws and safe practices to take when approaching a school bus.

Drivers who improperly pass a stopped school bus commit a moving violation subject to citation and will be required to complete a basic Driver Improvement Course upon conviction.

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