How Do I…Get a Motorcycle Endorsement?

How Do I…Get a Motorcycle Endorsement?

Our area is a great location to ride motorcycles all year round. However, only a properly licensed person may do so. Requirements include:

  • Hold at least a regular Class E operator’s driver license
  • Complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC) or Basic Rider Course updated (BRCu) motorcycle safety course
  • Go to one of our four convenient offices with proof of completion of the course
  • Pay a $7.00 endorsement fee, PLUS a license fee

The following private vendors offer the necessary training in the Pensacola area: – 850-456-2277

Harley Davidson of Pensacola – 850-456-2277

Southern Motorsports Safety Co. – 850-585-4748

For more FAQs on getting a motorcycle endorsement, please click here.