Applicants for a CDL should consider this a professional driver license that will require additional testing beyond what is required for a Class E driver license. Currently offices in the Escambia County have extremely limited paper copies of the CDL handbook. You may locate a digital copy or request a book at

In order to obtain a Florida Commercial Driver License you must be a Florida resident with a Florida residential address. If you are unable to comply with the residency rules you must contact the state in which you are a resident.

  • Class A CDL: Requires passing the written general knowledge, air brakes and combination exams.*
  • Class B CDL: Requires passing the written general knowledge and air brakes exam, if needed.*
  • Class C CDL: Requires passing the written general knowledge exam and either a passenger or hazardous materials endorsement.*

*These are examples of the testing requirements and may vary depending on the vehicle driven and loads carried. Please refer to the CDL handbook for additional information.

Once all required CDL written exams are taken and passed, you must pass a CDL skills exam in a commercial motor vehicle of the proper license class. This vehicle should be the type of commercial motor vehicle you intend to operate. Third party and state providers of the skills exams may be located at

Testing for endorsements require additional written exams. Tankers and Doubles and Triples do not require any additional skills testing. Passenger and School Bus endorsements require written and skills exams to be completed in the proper class of vehicle.

All Real-ID requirements apply to CDL applicants.