Electronic Proof of Insurance Now Valid

Did you know that you can show proof of insurance electronically now?

Imagine you’re driving down the road when blue lights appear in your rearview mirror. After you’ve pulled over, you begin gathering your driver license, registration, and insurance card…oh no…you can’t find your insurance card!

Thanks to a legislative amendment passed earlier this year, proof of insurance via an electronic device can be provided at the time of a traffic stop or at the time of registration. This means you also can produce an electronic copy at our office when you come in to renew your tag. You might even want to take a picture of your insurance card with your cell phone so it will be available to you if you need it.

The amendment to the Florida Statutes also provides that proof of insurance in an electronic format does not constitute consent for an officer to access any other information on the device other than the displayed proof of insurance.

Additionally, the person providing the device assumes liability for any damages to the device, should they occur. The electronic format must include the same information required on a paper insurance card and should be a mirror image of the card, if both are available.