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Your motor vehicle tag expires the last day of the month prior to your birth-month, with a grace period to midnight of your birthday. You may renew beginning 90 days prior to your birthday. (This includes passenger cars, recreational vehicles, small trailers, vessels, trucks under 5000 lbs., and motorcycles.) Late penalty applies beginning the 11th day of the month following your birth-month.

Parking permits for the handicapped are permanent up to four years and expire on your birthday. Temporary permits are for time allowed by physician, not to exceed six months. (Effective October 1, 2012, an application is required for each issuance.)


  • Apply for property tax exemptions in the Property Appraiser’s office through March 1.
    Year-round filing available. Exemptions include: homestead, widow, disability, etc. Also, file for agriculture classification. Call 434-2735.
  • Tangible tax returns should be filed through April 1 in the Property Appraiser’s office.
  • Receive 2% discount on payment of property taxes.
  • 25% penalty levied on delinquent Business Tax Receipts January 1.


  • Receive 1% discount on payment of property taxes.


  • Gross amount of property taxes due.
  • Payment due for real property installment plan.


  • 3% delinquent penalty added to real property taxes.
  • 1½% delinquent penalty added to tangible property taxes. Within 45 days delinquent personal property taxpayers will be advertised and the cost of advertising added to delinquent penalty.
  • Half-year rate in effect April 1 on all new Business Tax Receipts.
  • Reminder notices of unpaid property taxes are mailed by April 10.
  • Deadline for applying for payment of next year’s real and tangible taxes by installment is on or before April 30.


  • Advertise the issuance of tax warrants on delinquent tangible personal property. Advertise list of delinquent real estate taxpayers for three consecutive weeks.
  • Cost of advertising added to delinquent penalty May 1.


  • First payment due for real property installment plan.
  • Issue tax warrants on delinquent tangible personal property, directing levy and seizure of property.
  • On or before June 1, a tax certificate sale of delinquent real estate taxes is held.
  • Renew registrations for all non-lease commercial vehicles (automobiles and trucks up to 5000 lbs. empty weight).


  • July 30 deadline for paying June installment with 5% penalty.
  • Business Tax Receipt renewal period begins. Receipts go on sale for the new year. Previous year’s receipts expire September 30.


  • Business Tax Receipt renewal notices are mailed first of the month.


  • Payment due for real property installment plan.
  • Early duck season opens.
  • Previous year’s Business Tax Receipts expire September 30.


  • Current year’s Business Tax Receipts become delinquent and are assessed a 10% penalty.
  • Archery and mourning dove seasons open.


  • Delinquent Business Tax Receipts assessed a 15% penalty November 1.
  • First mailing of current year’s tax bills. Tax roll is open for collection of real and tangible personal property taxes. 4% discount allowed for the month of November. Property owner is responsible to ascertain amount of taxes due and see that they are paid.
  • General gun, fall turkey, muzzleloading, and quail seasons open.


  • Payment due for real property installment plan.
  • 3% discount allowed on payment of property taxes.
  • Delinquent Business Tax Receipts assessed a 20% penalty.
  • Renew registrations for all commercial trucks (over 5000 lbs. empty weight) and truck-tractors.
  • Renew window stickers for mobile homes that are not assessed as real property. Late fee applies after January 10. 
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