I am a business. Can I use this service?

Private businesses not engaged in buying, selling, leasing, renting automobiles may use the service. A letter of authorization on company letterhead will be required to retrieve the title from our office.

We hope to offer this service to automobile dealers and similar companies at a later date.

What happens if I don’t pick up my title once it has been printed?

Once an electronic title has been printed it cannot be converted back to an E-title. If you do not retrieve the title, you may request that it be mailed. However, if the title is mailed and lost in the mail, there is no provision to replace the title for no fee. The cost to acquire a duplicate title that has been lost in the mail is $85.75. 

What is an E-title?

Electronic Titles and Liens

On an electronic title, lien notifications and satisfactions are transmitted electronically between the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the lienholder. When an electronic lien is satisfied, the title will then remain electronic until a request for paper title is received.

You do not need to request a paper title prior to trading your vehicle with a Florida dealership.

If you are selling your vehicle, rather than trading it with a Florida dealership, you will need to request a paper title be printed in order to transfer ownership to the purchaser in most cases.


I just paid off my car. What now?

It may take several business days for a lien to clear after a payoff is processed through your lender. We cannot print your title if the lien is pending removal by the lienholder.

What is the cost to print an E-title through this site?

The cost to print a fast (same-day) electronic title through this site is $12.95. We accept credit and debit cards.

What issues could prevent my title from being printed?

  1. The title is not electronic. If the title has been previously printed, and is lost, you must apply for a duplicate title. A duplicate title cannot be processed using the online E-title printing process.
  2. A lien shows on the title record. We cannot print your title if there is an active lien. It may take several business days for a lien to clear after a payoff is processed through your lender.
  3. The title is not in your name. A title may be printed by the vehicle owner or a person appointed to represent them using a power of attorney.
  4. Your vehicle is not titled in Florida. Our office has access to Florida title records only.

How long will it take to process my electronic title print?

We will attempt to process your title print within the window that you chose when completing the form. We process each business day between 9 AM and 3:30 PM.

You may select one of the following options:

Today Morning (9 AM – 12 PM)
Today Afternoon (12 PM – 3:30 PM)
Tomorrow Morning (9 AM – 12 PM)
Tomorrow Afternoon (12 PM – 3:30 PM)