How do I apply for and receive a Hazardous Materials Endorsement?

Before applying for a hazardous materials endorsement, you should review the Entry-Level Driver Training requirements (ELDT). Once you have completed the ELDT prerequisites, you must successfully complete the written test for the Hazardous Materials Endorsement. Once successfully completed, you have 30 days to complete fingerprinting and background check in the same office of successful written exam completion. NOTE: Once the Hazmat exam is over 30 days old, you must retake the written exam. Commercial Driver License with a hazmat endorsement is only valid for four years. In order to renew or maintain your hazardous materials endorsement, you must retake written exam and complete background check and fingerprinting. Processing of fingerprints and background check can take up to 60 days. You may track…

How do I complete the skills testing for my CDL?

After you have completed your written test requirements and obtained your DOT medical card, you may have your CDL permit issued. You must wait 14 days after the issuance of your permit to complete your skills testing. At this time, CDL permits are valid for 180 days from issuance. A maximum of 2 CDL permits can be issued to a customer without additional testing.

Approved Testing Providers can be located at through the commercial driver heading.

Who has to maintain a valid medical card?

Currently the state of Florida and the federal government requires the holder of a commercial driver license to self-certify in the category in which they medically qualify. You can find the categories in our CDL Medical Card Inter or Intra Category A thru D PDF.

NOTE: If you do not qualify for a medical exemption for the Department of Transportation medical card you must present a valid medical card each time you visit the Escambia County Tax Collector’s office. This includes the issuance of your permit for skills testing, replacements, and renewals.

How do I apply for a Commercial Driver License (CDL)?

Applicants for a CDL should consider this a professional driver license that will require additional testing beyond what is required for a Class E driver license. Currently offices in the Escambia County have extremely limited paper copies of the CDL handbook. You may locate a digital copy or request a book at In order to obtain a Florida Commercial Driver License you must be a Florida resident with a Florida residential address. If you are unable to comply with the residency rules you must contact the state in which you are a resident. Class A CDL: Requires passing the written general knowledge, air brakes and combination exams.* Class B CDL: Requires passing the written general knowledge and air brakes exam,…