Blue Angels Voucher Redemption

Blue Angels Specialty Plate

Blue Angels License Plates Now Available at All Tax Collector Locations

Redeeming a voucher will require a license plate replacement fee of $36.90, as mandated by Florida laws, in addition to the previously-paid voucher fee. For motorists who have previously purchased a two year registration, the fee may be $66.90 depending on the remaining duration of the registration. If an applicant’s registration is being renewed at the same time as the voucher redemption, the replacement fee will be added to the renewal. Motorists should bring their proof of Florida insurance when redeeming their voucher.

Don’t have a voucher? Click here to purchase a Blue Angels License Plate.

What to Bring When Redeeming Your Blue Angels Voucher

Don’t forget your proof of Florida insurance.

A replacement form is required. The forms will be available at an office, but you may prefill it by visiting this link.


Here is a common scenario: (for illustration purposes only)

Your current annual registration (your yellow decal renewal) is 46.10.

You purchased a pre-sale voucher for $30.00.

Option A:

You replace the plate while your registration is still current:

Approximate fee to replace: 36.90 (License plate replacement fee plus branch fee)

Option B:

Your registration is up for renewal:

Approximate fee 46.10 + 28.00 (license plate replacement) = $74.10

*If your tag is up for a mandatory replacement (every ten years), the $28.00 would not apply.

Once you have made the switch to the specialty plate, your annual fee for future years might be 76.10 (46.10 plus the 30.00). The extra fees go to the sponsoring organization to support their mission.

Most private vehicle registrations, excluding trucks, are 28.10, 36.10, or 46.10 annually.