In Florida, mobile homes must be titled and registered. A numbered decal, instead of a license plate, is issued for identification. Florida Statutes require mobile home registrations to be renewed annually by December 31. A delinquency fee is charged if the registration is not renewed by the 10th of the following month.

Registration fees are set by the Department of Motor Vehicles and are based on the length of the mobile home. The fees range from $31.85 to $91.85. Double-wide and triple-wide mobile homes are considered two and three separate units. Each unit must have a decal. Mobile home owners are required to display the decal in the lower left corner of a window on the mobile home that is closest to the street or road providing access to the mobile home.

Real Property (RP) Decals

All mobile homes or recreational vehicles permanently affixed to the owner’s land and declared as real property are issued a permanent “RP” decal. Owners must furnish the property tax account number and complete a DR-402 form at the tax collector’s office indicating that the land and mobile home titles are in the same name before applying for the “RP” decal from the tax collector’s office. The tax collector’s office will send a copy of the DR-402 form to the property appraiser.

“RP” decals are permanent and transferable to the new owner when the land and mobile home are sold as a unit. Cost for “RP” decal is $8.35 per unit.

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